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Jiangsu Jinling Electric Steel Structure Co., Ltd.

China Jiangsu Jinling electric steel structure CO., Ltd. has made a successful transition into a energy-efficient??comprehensive utilization of resources mechanical equipment supplier??and also a overseas high-qualified power plant supplier.
The company was founded in 2004. Its business scope covers steel structure engineering designing, manufacturing, installation and its products include all kinds of non-standard pieces of metal, petroleum, environmental machinery, chemical industry machinery and equipment manufacturing, with the construction of various industrial buildings, stadiums, high-rise buildings, bridges, machinery and steel structure engineering conditions. Its total investment is about RMB 90??000??000 Yuan. The company covers an area of about 93 acres, indoor and outdoor production area of about 40000 square meters. The company??s monthly output is up to 2500t~3000t, the annual production is up to 30000t ?? 40000t. Currently, the company has two fabrication lines specially designed for welding H section, advanced cutting, welding, assembling, rectifying, digital controlled hole drilling machine, blasting and coating facilities, and steel structure design software to designing the drawing details. It has implemented and maintained the ISO9001: 2000 management system and factory production control EN 1090-1??2009+A1??2011 certification.
The company is located in the Petrochemical industry zone of Liujiagang, Taicang City. Next to Shanghai City in the east, along with Taicang port container terminal in the north, the company is sitting itself in the middle of a convenient water and inland transportation system.
The company with a high starting point, high efficiency, has won domestic and international customer recognition, over the years has been to build China many state key projects of various types of steel structure and bridge machinery, such as the Shanghai Expo project of steel structure, the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed Tie-Gang structure project, the five major power groups to power plant engineering, Sutong Bridge, Hangzhou Bay Bridge, Kunshan Overpass??access to the industry a high degree of recognition. Through cooperating with Shanghai Electric Group Co., Ltd??we have gain the ??Entry Permit?? of nuclear power project area by finishing the productions of Guangxi Fangchenggang Nuclear Power Plant No.1 & No.2 2??1000MW vibration of turbine-generator Units, and Guangdong Nuclear Power Plant 6??1000MW vibration of turbine-generator Units. Today the company the construction of various types of steel structure project of nearly 230000 tons, especially in power industry is most outstanding. Those projects include Guohua Power plant Taicang 2??600MW units, HuaNeng Power Plant Taicang 2??600MW units, State Power Yangzhou 2??600MW units, State Power Taizhou 2??1000MW unit, HuaNeng Power Plant Tongchuan 2??600MW units, Guangning Power plant in Vietnam 4??300MW units, Gala Ciragan in Bengal 1 ?? 150MW unit, Indonesian the 2 ?? 50MW units??Changshu power plant 2 ?? 1000MW units??Huaneng Shidongkou power plant 2 ?? 600MW units, Nanjing chemical industry park thermal power plant phase??2 ?? 55MW units, Huaneng Taicang power plant phase ?? 2 ?? 630MW units, Vietnam Mengyang phase ?? power plant 2 ?? 560MW units, Malaysia SABAHSPR 100MW gas units, Venezuela Vigia Combined circle Thermal power plant project, the state power Yangzhou phase ?? 2 ?? 630MW units, Saudi Arabia Rabigh IWSPP??, Vietnam Thai Binh power plant phase ?? 2 ?? 600MW units, Jiangsu Feng county Huize photovoltaic power generation, Xinpu chemical thermal electric combined project 3??440t/h+2XCB50MW units and etc.. The company is also accelerating its global expansions. Its bridge and bridge mechanical products are reaching England, Greece, Spain, Czechoslovakia, Ethiopia, Singapore, Poland, Iran, and Bahrain. The company obtains high praises from its domestic and international clients by offering high quality product, competitive price, and in time after-sales service.
In 2008 the Shanghai World Expo Bureau organized a group of experts to the Jiangsu Jinling electric steel structure company limited on-site strict inspection certification, our company to become "China Shanghai World Expo that steel structure manufacturer". Our company has contracted made Shanghai world's fair main through road line ramp viaduct steel structure, World Expo Theme Pavilion part of steel structure, the German National Exhibition steel structure million tons of steel production, access to the Shanghai World Expo Bureau, the project management company, the supervision company and other highly recognized, as the Shanghai world's fair construction steel structure made of first-class brand.
The company is committed to the power industry to become the leader in the field of environmental protection engineering of steel structure of professional enterprises, the company has and the power industry more top several power companies to establish a strategic cooperation partnership, such as: Tsinghua Tongfang environmental Co., Ltd., Shandong Environmental Protection Engineering Co., Ltd.?? Wuhan Kaidi Electric Power Environmental Co., Ltd., China Construction Power and Environment Engineering Co., Ltd., Dongfang Boiler Group Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Tuna Environment Science ?? Technology CO., Ltd.??Guangdong Grandblue Environment CO., Ltd.. So far, the company has to undertake domestic, foreign desulfurization, denitration project nearly 20000 tons??and has finished procucing environment equipments such as MSW incinerators??fire grates??wet electrical dust precipitators about 3000 tons.
Jiangsu Jinling Electric Steel Structure CO., Ltd puts its faith on ??quality first, management integrity, continuous improvement, and customer satisfactions??. With a highly effective management team, professional technical staff, and scientific business philosophy in act, company is walking towards a bright future along with its domestic and international clients altogether.

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